About your order


Q: Please let me know the delivery date of the ordered product.

A: It depends on the country and shipping method. Shipping is done within 3 days except Sundays and public holidays.

Q: Please let me know the flow of ordering method.

A: Please put the product in the cart on the product page and then put it on hold. Please do not settle it. Then send an email from the Contact page. Please let us know the product name and address where you have made a pending purchase. We will inform you of the item price and shipping cost. The e-mail is billed, so please make a card payment from there. (Card payment is done by Square.)


Q: Is it possible to add or change the ordered product?

A: It is possible to purchase additional products in stock. We do not accept changes or returns due to your convenience.


Q: Please tell me about returned goods / exchange.

A: We ship after sufficient inspections. As there are not two same products, they can not be exchanged. Even if damaged due to a defect in the delivery company, our shop can not take responsibility.


Q: Can I do wrapping?

A: There is an additional charge. Please tell me that you wish to wrap by email.


Q: Can I choose a shipping company?

A: The delivery company is Japan Post. It can not be specified.



Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: Shipping fee will be notified by email. Please be sure to contact us after placing the item in your cart.



Q: Can I receive products ordered online at the storefront?

A: Products purchased online will be delivered by a partner delivery company.



About the product


Q: Do you sell all the products on the website?

A: Except for the stock on the website of the shop page, we have discontinued sales.


Q: Do you have plans to resell items that are sold out?

A: Most things are single points and can not be resold.


Q: Where can I see if I want to see the product directly?

A: You can see it at the following stores. Because they are sold online, they may be sold out. Thank you for your understanding.

Store: 3-27-5-1F, Oyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Musashi-Oyama Station 1-minute walk



About repair


Q: If I live overseas, can I receive a repair?

A: In principle, we do not accept it, but it may be possible, so please inquire.


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Closed : Tuesday ·  Saturday

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