About your order


Q: Please let me know the delivery date of the ordered product.

A: It depends on the country and shipping method. Shipping is done within 3 days except Sundays and public holidays.

Q: Please let me know the flow of ordering method.

A: Please see the "How to buy" page for details on how to purchase.

Q: Is it possible to add or change the ordered product?

A: It is possible to purchase additional products in stock. We do not accept changes or returns due to your convenience.


Q: Please tell me about returned goods / exchange.

A: We ship after sufficient inspections. As there are not two same products, they can not be exchanged. Even if damaged due to a defect in the delivery company, our shop can not take responsibility.


Q: Can I do wrapping?

A: There is an additional charge. Please tell me that you wish to wrap by email.


Q: Can I choose a shipping company?

A: The delivery company is Japan Post. It can not be specified.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: Shipping fee will be notified by email. 

Q: Can I receive products ordered online at the storefront?

A: Products purchased online will be delivered by a partner delivery company.


Q: Where can I see if I want to see the product directly?

A: You can see it at the following stores. Because they are sold online, they may be sold out. Thank you for your understanding.

Store: 2-14-3-1F, Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Musashi-Oyama Station 8-minute walk

Q: If I live overseas, can I receive a repair?

A: In principle, we do not accept it, but it may be possible, so please inquire.